Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Celebrate Good Times and Good Friends!

Yesterday our humble little stream reached a milestone: 1000 followers!

I started streaming in mid-February. Funnily enough, prior to streaming, I never used to watch other streamers on Twitch, especially Magic: the Gathering. Now many of you have most likely heard my spiel about my watching others play MtG. I usually don’t enjoy it because I don’t recognize cards and deck tech. The more I play a set, the more I recognize the cards. What helped me start becoming a true member of the Twitch community are the friends - yes you, you awesome viewers, you! -  who encouraged me to watch other streamers. Much like real life, it’s a bit awkward to hop into a conversation, in this case a stream, filled with strangers. I love Twitch for the sense of community it builds. I would not have started watching, and interacting, with many others if it weren’t for the familiar usernames I would see interact in the chat. Chat, you da real MVP! If it weren’t for you, I’d still be feeling like the miserable, down-on-her-luck loner I was back in February.

We’ve f6’d through land drops. We’ve defeated the Ultima Weapon. We’ve perpetually fallen through portals. We’ve restarted chapters of a storyline because of a minor character’s death. We’ve taken shots against one another in jungles and lanes. We’ve gone to GP Miami. We’ve gone to GP Vegas. We’ve gone to the Golden Saucer. We’ve gone to the surface. We’ve gone to EathSea. Well, maybe not that last part. Who knows where we’ll go or what we’ll do next? What ever adventure lies ahead of us, I’m grateful to be going forward with all of you. The opportunities you’ve allowed me; game play, travel, getting to know you; have truly blessed me in more ways than you can imagine. I am grateful beyond what I can express in words, which knowing me it’s difficult to shut me up!

To celebrate this milestone, I decided to do our first ever giveaway! *cue confetti and balloons* I gave it much thought. I wanted my giveaway to be unique, something you couldn’t find in anyone else’s channel. What is more unique than my creating something myself for one, or some, of you? Well my lovely friends, you’ve seen me work on knitting projects, and boy oh boy have I been working on one for you! For those who have been catching the stream lately, I’ve been posting this link as a hint as to what the giveaway prize is going to be. *drum roll please* For those of you who guessed a mushroom from Nintendo's Mario games series, you are correct! I started working on this knitting project weeks ago. I'm not sure if I want to go red or green, but I originally chose the mushroom because our little community is "leveling up." (Pretend I'm witty). Nintendo has a history close to many a gamer's heart. With the passing of president Satoru Iwata, I found it an even more befitting way of acknowledging a legacy. Although a humble stream, I do wish to create a positive environment to continue building our community. Our legacy. It will be nothing like the accomplishments of Mr. Iwata, but we can aspire. This milestone has reinvigorated my motivation to create more original content. Expect to see me posting more on this blog. I just finished my first play through of Portal and am in the middle of Portal 2... Let's just say the punts have been real. As I mentioned in my "gamer origins" there are many classic games I haven't played. I intend to start playing as many of them as I can and start a blog series of my reactions to them. The YouTube channel has mostly served as an archive for past Twitch broadcasts. I don't see myself being able to create too much OC for YouTube, but I hope to get in the habit of cutting the broadcasts into shorter segments. If there's anything you folks would love to have me do, especially games you'd like to take part in, please let me know! Thank you all for being awesome. May we continue to become awesomer. You know we can!