Thursday, June 4, 2015

Short and Sweet Thank You: GP Vegas

Before writing my blogpost about the incredible experiences had at GP Vegas, I would like to make a post saying "THANK YOU!" to everyone who helped me get there.

Originally, I was not planning on even attempting to go to GP Vegas. The BF, our good friend known online as amskissfan, and I have been talking the past few weeks about our wanting to start the Magic grind. GP Vegas was going to be the first event in this endeavour. Unfortunately, AMS moved and life decided that money needed to go elsewhere. On a whim, I decided to make GP Vegas a donation goal for the stream and hadn't even considered actually making it. Thanks to the wonderful viewers of the stream, we were able to get me there! Not only was I able to get there, I was also able to take part in a draft thanks to another donor.

As grateful as I am for the donations, what I am really and truly thankful for are the experiences of the trip and how they have helped me to realize that some of the aspirations I have aren't unreachable. I don't know how frequently I've mentioned it on the stream, but all I really want out of life is to travel and communicate with others, hopefully in a positive, community-building way. It's one of the reasons I've been considering going into linguistics and becoming an interpreter for travelers. What I may not have mentioned is that I would love to be a part of the MTG events planning and/or coverage team. Travel? Check. Community outreach? Check. Magic, a hobby I love and adore? Check! Considering how my personal life has been lately, I've actually been feeling quite torn about how much time and effort to put into streaming and creating content, such as the podcast that will be recorded and debuted later this week. After speaking to anyone and everyone I could about how to get involved with the events aspect of MTG, it seems that the hobbies I was so torn about are exactly the types of things I should be doing.

Thank you everyone for not only making this wonderful trip happen, but for helping ignite my own spark. If you can't wait to see some of the shenanigans from the trip, some photos have been posted on the Facebook group page as well as Instagram. I'm working on getting all the photos together in an imgur album.